Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm back from the eye dr. She does think that my eye problems recently have been from the UC. She also referred me to this web-site -

Anybody ever hear of this, or try something like it? I sent my email to the dr. explaining my situation, we'll see what his ideas for me are.

Monday, October 19, 2009

It burns, it burns!

Have any of my fellow UCer's had eye problems w/this disease? For the last month my outer lids have been red, so I assumed allergies. I'm allergic to sage-brush and live in the middle of it. So naturally that was my first thought. I would just take Claritin, and put cream on my eyes everyday. This last week it got worse! We are talking, I can't see worse. Saturday night I was in SO much pain, we called an after hours eye clinic. Luckily the dr. had me meet her at her office that night. I have never had my eyes burn as bad as they were. I couldn't even open my eyes. Just writing this they are starting to burn! haha All I could see were lights.

She put the little letters on the wall, and even the astronomically large ones I couldn't see. The skin around my eyes was breaking up and bleeding even. She said that she thinks that it's auto-immune. That as bad as my eyes are, she can only imagine what my colon looks like. So I got a prescription for tobradex, $75 for a tsp....ouch. It has helped!!! Took a few doses, but I can finally stand up, and see things. I honestly was scared I might lose vision. So, have you heard of anything like this, or suffered w/it yourself? Has anyone tried acupuncture?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Talk

Ali asked about my pregnancy, so here it goes. It actually was really uneventful. I remember my first visit w/the dr. was not very encouraging though. Two docs talked to me about being in an active flare and pregnant doesn't have very good odds of a full-term baby. So for about the first month or two I cried a lot. I felt like it was just a matter of time before I miscarried again. Through the entire pregnancy I didn't let myself get excited, or think about the future w/a baby. I've always felt like if I get excited about something I inevitably get let down.

So, at about 18 weeks when you find out the sex of the baby, they did all the measurements. Everything was normal, and on schedule! After that I had ultra-sounds every month to delivery. Every month they measured everything and it was always good news.

Now for the funny part. I have to drive 5 hrs for my Remicade infusions. That means Imodium. We were on our way home, and the entire ride was SO uncomfortable for me. I was thinking maybe it's pre-term labor or something. Just absolutely uncomfortable in every way. We got home, and I was off to bed. By morning I couldn't move w/out crying. I had a horrrible pain in my lower right side. I thought well if it's terrible enough it may be my appendix. It went all day, and as long as I didn't move I was fine. So that took appendix out of the ruling. Any ideas yet? By night time, I was in tears. Off we go to Labor and Delivery. The nurse asks if i've gone to the bathroom today. I say yes, but that doesn't mean anything because I usually go 10 times a day and it's only been once. I'm not dilated, nothing. We head home, and I LOAD up on fiber, grapes anything I can get my hands on to give me shits. Who would have thought that someone in my circumstance would be constipated that bad!!!

Three days later I went into labor 3 weeks early. Needless to say I pushed for 4 hours straight and didn't get anywhere. I had a horrible fever. The doc came in and checked me, he said "wow, your vagina is really hot".... So I say, "why....thank you..."

Had a c-section, everything went well. They had to start an IV on little man because of my fever, had spread to himm and he needed some anti-biotics. Sad part is the IV was in his head. They'd tried everywhere else, and he was bruised all over.

The last 3 months were heaven! I was going to the bathroom like a person w/out UC. I'd go 1-2 times a day, and it wasn't liquid. BONUS! Didn't take long for me to go back to the old ways though. BOO

That's the pregnancy. Thankfully nothing eventful.